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A Life On The Water

What could be more lovely, than waking on a warm summers morning, to the sound of birds in song and the gentle lapping of water against the sides of your delightful floating “home”. . Perhaps it’s a mother moorhen with her tiny flotilla of babies as they quietly navigate the canal. Or maybe its just simply being at one with nature, the fresh clean air and bright green fields swaying softly in the breeze. Whatever your pleasure, a life on the water is for some, an experience to be treasured.

Here at Midland Chandlery, we understand the joys of Boating in all its many guises, and to this end have created a range of stunning and sometimes nostalgic accessories to further add to your enjoyment.  We have recreated the beautiful hand painted water carriers, Pails and jugs that were filled to overflowing with bright flowers back in the early days when the canals were first “cut”. , and being Men of Metal, as it were, we have also designed a set of delightful Tiller Pins, Mushroom Vents, Porthole Liners , and chimneys made in bright polished Brass, Copper and of course Black Country Iron. There are many many other distinctive items within our range to tempt and surprise you. We hope you love using them, as much as we have loved creating them.

We have many new narrowboat and chandlery products soon to be released, so please visit us again soon!

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