Exhausts Stacks & Narrowboat Chimneys

Black Coated Chimneys


Our traditional Narrowboat chimneys are designed to fit a standard 6” cast iron collar (MC152/CI) and are available in 3 lengths (12”/18”/24”). These chimneys are available in single & double skin & come complete with a brass lifting handle, chain hook & decorative band. All our traditional Narrowboat chimneys are finished in a semi gloss black powder coating over galvanised steel to increase longevity.

Price: From 33.99

Black Coated Chimney Cowl
Chimney Cowl

Chimney Raincaps

All our raincaps are designed to fit most sizes of chimney as the legs can be bent to adjust them to the required size. They are available in three types:- Black powder coated over galvanised steel, Polished solid brass or Bright Chrome plated on brass.

Price: From 8.99

Chimney Chain Heart Design

Chimney Chain Heart Design

Manufactured from solid brass in a heart & diamond pattern, this chimney chain is designed to help retain your chimney if it should be knocked off the collar by a bridge or branch & can be fitted over the hook on the chimney & retained at the other end by a collar ring bolt or similar. At approx 20” long, they suit any standard chimney length.

Price: 11.99

Black Galvanised Chimney Liners

Chimney Liners

Available in two sizes, chimney liners are black powder coated galvanized steel.

Large suits 150mm diameter, small suits 120mm diameter.

Price: From 9.99

Cast Iron Chimney Collar

Cast Iron Chimney Collar

Our cast iron chimney collar is designed to suit any standard 6” chimney. Fitting requires 2 – M10 x 50 coach bolts or 1 coach bolt & 1 x brass ring bolt if a chimney chain is to be fitted. The collar should be sealed/bedded to the roof using a heatproof silicone (Plumbaflue) or similar. Depending on the slope of the roof, an adaptor may be required to re-align the chimney vertically.

Price: 39.99

Exhaust Stacks

Exhaust Stacks

Our exhaust chimneys are available in black powder coated over galvanised steel 12” or 24” long & a polished brass “titch” is available @ 9” tall. All are 3” internal diameter.
All three have exhaust splitters but the black chimneys have brass band/bands & chimney hooks for the attachment of a chimney chain  (MC137/PB)

Price: From 25.99

Black Coated Chimney Collar
Black Coated Chimney CollarBlack Coated Chimney Collar

Chimney Collar Cover

Our chimney collar cover is designed to fit a standard 6” cast iron collar to waterproof the collar after removal of the chimney. The cover is finished in the same black powder coating as the chimneys & comes complete with a brass lifting ring to aid removal/attachment.

Diameter - 160mm.

Weight - 1.180kg

Price: 27.99

Cast Iron Flue Pipe Reducer
Black Flue Pipe Reducer

Cast Iron Flue Pipe Reducer

Our flue pipe adaptor can be used to adapt a wide range of solid fuel stove flue spigots to suit a standard 4” N.B. steel flue pipe as used in most Narrowboat installation.

Price: 18.99

Chimney Flue Surround

Chimney Flue Surround

Our chimney flue surround is solid polished brass & designed to fit around the outside of a standard Narrowboat flue to decorate/cover the hole in the roof lining & bridge the clearance required between the pipe & the woodwork so covering the insulation/packing in the gap. This type of surround is only suitable where the cast iron chimney collar does not protrude through the roof lining. A brass porthole would be required for the latter case

Price: From 12.99

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